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An important area where electronics protection is becoming increasingly important is the automotive industry with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and electric vehicles, especially in relation to their range. Conformal coatings can make a difference for electric and hybrid vehicles, and in this blog we will see how. There are other automotive applications as well, fueling a strong increase in demand for coatings.

Applications in the automotive industry

Wherever there is an electronic board that requires lightweight protection, a conformal coating can be the ideal solution. An example of an application of these coatings in the automotive industry is sensors, used in ADAS and other support applications. This could be an ADAS control unit, PCB or transmission applications, such as the battery management system PCB, charger PCB, inverter, AC/DC converter and transmission switches, to name a few. Coatings are also required to protect the vehicle’s infotainment system electronics, exterior and interior lighting, climate control systems, and other electronic controls. The list of applications inside a vehicle is virtually endless.

Bio-based conformal coatings perform incredibly well and contain a higher content of sustainably derived raw materials, are lighter in weight, and meet the sustainability requirements of manufacturers and end users. Bio-based coatings show better condensation resistance, thermal stability, flexibility and adhesion than many petrochemical-derived polymers.

If we move from the vehicle itself to the charging infrastructure, we are faced with charging stations exposed to a wide range of climatic conditions: heat, cold, humidity, and corrosive environments, especially near coastlines. In particular, if we consider the demand for a reliable network of charging points for EV drivers to charge their vehicles, we need to include electronics within the charging point in the list of conformal coating applications.

The importance of conformal coatings

Conformal coatings can be found all around us. They are very useful as they provide powerful protection for electronic circuits against harsh environments and help prolong the reliability and life of devices. Conformal coatings are found in many electronic devices, inside and outside our homes, as well as in workspaces, manufacturing and industrial applications. In parallel, the need to protect electronics in different devices is becoming increasingly important, and as a result, both cybersecurity and physical protection of electronic devices are becoming increasingly important.