SYLGARD™ is a family of polymeric materials used to coat and i to protect and insulate electronic circuits from harmful environmental agents, such as dust, moisture, corrosion and other agents.

Product types:
– Resins and Encapsulants
– Dielectric gel

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In general, SYLGARD™ products are divided into.

  • SYLGARD™ conformal coating (protective coatings and sealants) is a thin, transparent coating that is applied to electronic circuits to protect them from external agents. This material is available in different formulations, depending on the specifics of the application. For example, there are low-viscosity formulations for easy application, and low-solvent formulations for faster drying.
  • SYLGARD™ dielectric gel, on the other hand, is an insulating material that is used to seal and protect electronic components from vibration, shock and moisture. This material is particularly useful for applications where protection of electronic components is critical, such as in medical, aerospace and military devices.


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