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Dow launches interactive platform to connect the world with its end-to-end silicone solutions for 5G networks

Dow announced the launch of, a guided selection tool that enables customers to find silicone adhesives and sealants solutions specific to 5G-enabled technology.
The interactive platform is a tool to connect current and potential customers with Dow’s 5G ecosystem, with Dow’s growing portfolio of solutions helping to enable smart connectivity and the future of communications.

5G, or fifth-generation technology, is a massive evolution in telecommunications, enabling unprecedented levels of smart connectivity with significant improvements in quality of service, delay, throughput, energy efficiency and system performance.

With product innovations and proven materials, Dow’s 5G ecosystem helps advance this technology with Dow’s product options for thermal management, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, adhesion, sealing and encapsulation, and component molding.
Dow’s high-performance silicone solutions help promote both innovation and sustainability goals by offering materials with thermal protection properties, low volatile emissions, solvent-free formulations, and room-temperature curing to save energy. is one of many such tools that Dow is implementing globally to help provide a more personalized, step-by-step journey for our customers and make it easier for them to find the most relevant information on,” said Cathy Chu, strategic marketing director, Dow Consumer Solutions. “This platform can play a significant role in enabling next-generation technologies and the future of faster, smarter and easier connectivity. We are excited to make this incredible resource available.”

The future of connectivity begins at

Visitors accessing will start at the “splash page,” which includes a brief introduction and invitation to begin the 5G ecosystem landing page, where they can explore a broad application area or click on specific sub-applications.
Throughout the site, 3D videos show where Dow silicon technology can be found in various technologies, such as:
5G-enabled consumer devices and technologies (smartphones, PCs, wearable devices, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS);
telecommunications infrastructure (base stations, optical communications, core networks);
cloud computing and data centers (servers, high-performance computing chips and other data communication devices and equipment).

End-to-end product solutions for the 5G ecosystem

“Dow offers one of the world’s largest and most robust portfolios of silicones and silicone-based solutions for the 5G ecosystem,” said Chang Lee, Global R&D Director, Dow Consumer Solutions. “Silicones are truly remarkable, high-performance materials with properties that can be fine-tuned to meet customers’ specific needs. They can also help manufacturers speed up production, reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. With, we are making our silicone and silicone-based solutions more accessible than ever to those seeking them for their applications.” offers an easy and intuitive way to connect to Dow’s innovative end-to-end silicone solutions in the following areas:

Thermal Management

For thermal management of 5G-enabled smart devices, 5G base stations, cloud computing, and data centers, Dow provides thermal-conductive silicone greases, gels, adhesives, and encapsulants that drive harmful heat away from electronic components.

EMI Shielding

To protect sensitive electronic devices from electromagnetic interference that can cause malfunction, data loss, or even failure, Dow provides adhesives, elastomers, coatings, emulsions, and site-formed gaskets (FIPGs) made of electrically conductive silicone that block EMI.

Adhesion, sealing and encapsulation

Dow’s silicone adhesives, sealants, conformal coatings and encapsulants enable delicate electronic components to perform consistently, even in harsh environmental conditions. In the assembly of electronic components, these materials offer flexible protection against environmental contamination, vibration, and thermal stress. In electronics processing, a special protective tape with silicone adhesive offers excellent wetting performance on rough surfaces and good bonding performance on low surface energy materials.

Component molding

In component molding, Dow’s LSR materials offer a range of performance properties, aesthetics and processing options. Dow’s portfolio includes non-post-curing LSR, self-lubricating LSR, fluorinated LSR, and optically transparent LSR. The exceptional flow properties and wide range of durometers of Dow’s LSRs enable the production of components with small dimensions, thick and thin details, and soft to solid textures. SILASTIC™ MS series moldable silicones offer high light transmittance, low haze and scattering, and better heat and UV resistance than optical-grade plastics for light guide applications in smart devices.