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Electric drive systems consist of the electric motor, transmission and drive housing, providing the speed and torque to today’s best electric vehicles. E-drive systems require very specific adhesive technologies designed to keep out dust, fluids and other environmental factors that affect the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle.

Mascherpa’s cutting-edge technologies are designed to meet and exceed manufacturers’ requirements for both all-electric and hybrid electric drive systems. From design to mass production, Mascherpa supports electric vehicle manufacturers at every stage, optimizing materials to meet the wide range of component requirements for E-Drive:

  • Bearing greases for electric motors
  • Thermal potting
  • Magnet bonding
  • Gasketing
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Thermal Management

Industry trends toward combining electric motors with power conversion systems and increasing miniaturization of components allow manufacturers to save space and reduce weight. The result is both higher power density and increased risk of motor failure. In order to reduce these risks, electric motors require better thermal management materials, including resins with higher thermal conductivity.


The lifetime performance of EV e-drives is a significant challenge for manufacturers. Constant motion and the trend toward improved power density require more durable materials. Mascherpa's thermal encapsulation and sealing technologies can help increase the reliability of electric drive systems.

Magnet bonding

Araldite structural adhesives are particularly suitable for three steps in the assembly of electric motors:

  • assembly of magnets and laminating stacks,
  • shaft and rotor assembly
  • assembly of stator and housing.

    Greases for electric motors

      The lubricating grease is an essential component, because it allows the designer to achieve control of precision, quietness and feeling in a simple and economical way, in fact through the lubricant the parts are separated by an adhesive film of grease, which cancels the games and decreases the development of noise and wear.

      Thermal potting

        • Encapsulants protect sensitive electronic components in the electric motor, preserving them from vibration, high temperatures, dust, corrosion and moisture.


        • Gasket technologies for electrical drive housings provide a reliable seal.

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