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Industrial adhesives can help speed up production processes and reduce costs, improving the efficiency of the products manufactured by your company.

Industrial adhesives are the best alternative to traditional mechanical fastening methods such as welding or riveting. They can help your company’s manufacturing process to achieve significant benefits – from reducing overall manufacturing costs to increasing product reliability and performance. Incorporating adhesives into the design, production and assembly process will give your company a great advantage.


Adhesion is a special process because its validity cannot be evaluated through final measurements on the product or on the process itself, and therefore must be subjected to planning, control and qualification methodologies.

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Elastomeric sealant adhesives

Elastomeric sealant adhesives are characterized by high elongations that generate reduced stress on even dissimilar substrates in the presence of different expansion coefficients, shocks and vibrations.

Structural adhesives

Structural adhesives are characterized by a great seal that allows them excellent mechanical performance on dissimilar substrates, for this reason these adhesives can replace the traditional assembly methods such as rivets, screws, bolts and welding.

Anaerobic adhesives

Delivering on our commitment to create solutions that are safer for users and better for the environment, Born2Bond Anaerobic Adhesives are not solvent based and selected grades are NSF certified.

Instant adhesives

To date, instant engineering adhesive performance and applications have been constrained by the limitations of existing cyanoacrylate technologies.

What are the types of industrial adhesives?

  • The adhesives that MD Poland offers, from structural adhesives to silicone sealants, guarantee the end user extensive and safe performance for any use in any industrial sector.
  • MD Poland technicians know how to identify among the most prestigious brands in the world which adhesive is perfect for your application respecting all the technical requirements to support your design and production.
  • We always take into account the adhesive strength required, the materials and conditions of use, the substrates involved, the health and safety of the operators and the environment.
  • These innovative adhesives are formulated to withstand extreme impact and peel forces, ensuring excellent shear strength and performance against chemicals and temperature peaks.

Optimize your process by using our industrial adhesives.

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